Spend Your Vacation in the Hamptons

The hamptons is the perfect place for a relaxing summer vacation. The topography of the beach areas and its proximity to the East Coast make it the ideal spot for family fun and recreation. Although pricey to rent or purchase, homes in the hamptons of Manhattan Beach are truly a piece of paradise and the perfect choice for a summer retreat.

This is the third installment of my summer house plans for Manhattan Beach. In this article I present my favorite beach house rentals in the style. My choice is not the typical “curb-style” hamptons that you find in California. Instead, my choice is an original photo beach house that sits proudly on the water in hamptons style.

The “Pinecreek Log Cabin” is located in the area of Manhattan Beach. It is a unique beach house that sits upon two large, green swimming pools that are surrounded by the natural earth of the Pacific Ocean. Upon entering the beach house, guests will be greeted by a large log cabin style living room with a fire pit and coffee table. Further on, there are two guest rooms that open onto the second swimming pool.

The kitchen is one of the best parts of the house. The large kitchen that opens onto the ocean offers a great dinning and entertaining space. It also has an eat in pantry area and a small kitchen that contain a microwave and refrigerator. There are two bedrooms that open onto the ocean and have their own bathrooms. One bedroom even has a loft that overlooks the ocean. Due to the large amount of windows, sunlight is not a problem in the summer and the heat is never a problem during the winter.

The bedrooms are very spacious with closets containing a dresser, a bookcase and a side table. The master bedroom even has a large work desk and a pull out bed. The two further bedrooms each contain a full size bed and a walk in closet. There is another large bedroom that contains a full dressing table and an additional dressing closet.

When it comes to the exterior of the house, nothing is more stunning than the view of the ocean. The landscaping of the house is absolutely gorgeous and includes a pond with beautiful palms and flowers. At one end of the pond is a beautiful dock where you can easily walk to the beach. This dock also has a great view of the passing boats.

All of the houses on Hamptons Coast have been built by highly trained, licensed designers. They have created the interiors according to the style of the owners and buyers. All of the houses on the beach are two or three floors and each floor is completely equipped with everything needed by its resident. This includes large, air conditioned rooms that offer many hours of wonderful sleep each day.

The most popular type of home on the beach is one that comes with a private sea view. These types of homes are always in high demand and are very hard to find. Most of these homes are created by architects that specialize in creating beachfront design homes. If you are someone who is ready to spend every waking moment of your life at the beach, this could be the perfect dream home for you. To find these homes, all you have to do is visit a local Realtor and have him/her show you a sample of some of their homes for sale.

Other than the beachfront design homes, you will also find a wide variety of homes that are not so far from the beach. These types of houses are designed in a very traditional design that is still very much in vogue today. You can choose between modern houses and colonial-style houses. There are also houses that are not located on the beach, but still perfectly set apart from the rest of the community.

You don’t have to live on the beach to enjoy the Hamptons Coastal style of living. Many of the houses that are available for sale are in wonderful condition. Their construction is impeccable and their interior design is absolutely perfect. Because the price of such a house is very high, it is only for the well to do. But if you are really ready to give life to your dream house, then the Hamptons is the right place for you to purchase one.

These houses are well maintained. Most of them have been owned by more than one person. That is why the maintenance has been very good. They don’t need major repair works and they haven’t been damaged during several years of use. If you are thinking of having a house built in the Hamptons, then take note of the fact that building homes in the Hamptons is very costly. If you are ready to build your own house, then consider all your options in building homes in the Hamptons Coastal style.