Ideas for Your Coastal Style Bathroom Decor

Coastal Style bathrooms are becoming more popular with every passing year. This design style focuses on the beach in mind, with large windows, exposed brick walls and open stairways to create the oceanic ambiance. The beach house feel creates a relaxed mood and makes you want to come and go as you please. Here are some tips for transforming your coastal style bathroom.

Bathroom vanity with beach themed design can be purchased with different colors and finishes to compliment your coastal style bathroom. With this vanity, you get the best of both worlds: functionality and aesthetics. You get a vanity that you can use to store your toiletries and have the beach themed decor on top. And since it is washable, your bathroom vanity will always have a new look. You can accessorize this great vanity with some coastal accessories like towels, jewelry, pillows, lamps, curtains and accents.

Beach lighting fixtures can provide the perfect finishing touch to your coastal design project. These fixtures are made of materials like brass or wrought iron, which will give a rustic feel to your bathroom design team and transform your sink and mirror into an eye-catching piece of art. To add a more contemporary look to your coastal setting, choose light fixtures with clean styling. Choose light fixtures that are made of metal, glass or brushed nickel to create a modern feel to your bathroom design.

Accents and trim work best when they are incorporated into the color scheme of the entire room. If you have chosen to incorporate accents in your coastal bathroom, make sure that they can be integrated and match the colors of the walls, flooring and trim. You can use this trim work as an accent to the main feature or as a focal point in the room. Trim that blends well with the main features of your room, while making an artistic display out of it. You can play around with different textures and fabrics to enhance the coastal theme. There is no end to the possibilities that you can achieve with a little creativity and resourcefulness.

You can also add plants and flowers to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your bathroom design team. There are a variety of plants and flowering shrubs that will not only make your bathroom design team look good, but will also help you achieve the coastal feel that you’re going for. For instance, floating plants work great as accents, especially those that are made from water-based products like succulents. Other options include hanging baskets and wicker baskets that work great if you want to bring in some natural light. Remember that natural light is one key factor that will help you achieve a coastal theme.

The materials used in your coastal bathroom remodel are very important as well. When it comes to your bathroom vanity, you want to choose fixtures that are as durable as possible. Think about glass and metal surfaces, both of which are extremely popular and that will work wonderfully in your design. If you opt for a glass vanity, don’t worry about its lifespan as it can simply be wiped down and brought back to life. In the case of metal vanities, make sure that you get ones that have rust-resistant features so that they will be able to last a long time without the need for maintenance or replacement.

For the lighting fixtures that you would use in your bathroom, keep in mind that natural light will be the most important factor in your design. Consider using glass columns in the center and on the walls to bring in the coastal feel. For your bathroom decor, consider using natural wood flooring or ceramic tiles. For your bathroom vanity and other fixtures, you may want to go with a combination of copper and glass. If you opt for a mosaic tile design on your bathroom wall, remember that you will need light fixtures in order to properly illuminate the mosaic tile.

A coastal bathroom design can also be achieved by using ceramic tiles on the floors, walls, and even the toilet bowl. A little bit of black paint or just some white paint can create the same feel like what you would find in an old southern plantation home. Keep in mind that when choosing tiles for your coastal bathroom design, you must keep in mind that you won’t have much problem finding contemporary tiles that can blend in well with the rest of your bathroom. Coastal bathrooms are becoming more popular these days, so take a look at what’s out there to give your bathroom a transformation like no other.