How To Decorate With Japanese Charm in Your California Coastal Style Home

California Coastal Style is a refreshing take on old-fashioned farmhouse style. It combines pale blues, marine tones of aqua and green, and touches of sea life like driftwood, coral reefs, and anchor gears. The finished decor is warm and welcoming. Each piece is an individual expression of your own personality. This home will feel luxurious and make you want to retreat. When you live here you will forget your worries and daydream in the quiet of your garden.

Start your new life in California coastal style by choosing a rustic distressed wood finish for your doors and windows, and opt for light pastels and sky blues for your walls and flooring. In your kitchen, choose distressed oak countertops over stainless steel to create a beachy eating space. Install wooden flooring with subtle earth tones and be sure to use warm throws and cushions throughout. Add a vintage glass coffee table to the dining room and keep in mind that bright colors can be used to contrast with more muted ones.

To complete your look in this popular decorating style, add a lushly landscaped garden to your property with tall trees, plants, flowers, and fountains. You will be inspired by the natural elements in your yard when you bring in your ceramic tins, natural stone tile murals, and hand-painted oil paintings. In your kitchen, choose an authentic walnut butcher block and a bamboo floor. Be sure to keep your family pictures and family photos of those who are most important to you in your library and in your garage.

Lighting is essential in this popular style of decorating. Light accents are crucial in adding a coastal feel. Choose louvered bookcases with open shelves for wall decor, lamps with coastal scallops, and Troy lighting that features a nautical theme. Place wrought iron candleholders on the ends of each table, in front of your mirror, in your bedroom, beside a fire pit, or in any location where you will be viewing nature.

Choose a palette that works best for your California coastal style. Look for neutrals like cream, eggshell, beige, light blue and gray, as well as soft greens and pinks. A palette that is too strong may overpower the look you are going for and one that is too light may become monotonous. This is especially true if you choose bold primary shades for your furnishings and walls. A palette that is rich in textures like velvet or a mix of natural and synthetic fabrics would be a good choice to balance out your palette and give your space an inviting, homey appeal.

Use basic elements from Oriental and Mediterranean interior design styles. This will help to create an atmosphere of calm, serenity and calmness. A focus on textures and fabrics in your design style like breezy floral and plant prints or textured wools in warm colors would be a great way to highlight your California coastal style elements. Use accent furniture pieces like a couch with Ottoman and matching end tables in a deep neutral color like black or charcoal. This can be paired with textured wall art and candles in a variety of bold colors.

Be sure to include touches of original photo textures and designs like needlepoint pillow covers, needlepoint quilted cushions and felt foot pad coverings in your coastal style decorating theme. These can all be framed with wicker or bamboo rugs for a unique and interesting look. You can also keep things simple by choosing modern day accents. For example, needlepoint pillows in vivid colors will add a beautiful touch to a room. In addition, you might consider adding vintage fabrics or upholstery fabrics like vintage needlepoint seats.

You will find that there are many ideas from the classic design style of Oriental and the rustic coastal style can be translated into beautiful Pacific Rim decor. To get an idea of how this would translate into your own home, choose wall hangings, pillows and accent furniture that have a Japanese or Polynesian theme. Find a few Japanese themed items like chopsticks and rice cookers and display them on the walls. Keep in mind that you want to keep things simple while still expressing your own unique vision of California coastal style.

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