Design Ideas for Beach House Decor

In the Sonoma County region of California, there are a wide variety of beautiful beach house decor to select from. With such a large variety of home accent furnishings for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, you are able to create your own unique design scheme that suits you perfectly, so you really have a great looking interior design to go with your beach house design. A typical Sonoma beach house can be decorated in a number of different ways, including using coastal accessories. Some homeowners like to add this book to their homes, but it can certainly be adapted to fit any design plan. You will certainly find many different items to use in your beach home decorating.

california beach house decor

The focus of most Sonoma County beach house owners is to build a home that has an ocean view. Coastal homes with this type of view generally have furniture and other home accent furnishings that can be accented by a few pieces of sea shell artwork. This art adds an air of mystery to the room as well as a natural beauty to the surroundings, making it the perfect touch for any home furnishings.

Coastal home furnishings can also make great conversation pieces. For example, coastal chairs and tables are often decorated in a rustic country design motif. By choosing this type of seating, you are able to create an inviting environment that allows people to relax and enjoy each other’s company. These chairs can be accented with a few beach shells placed on top, creating a stunning accent piece for your beach house. You can also add some seashells or other decor embellishments to your dining room chairs or tables. Your furnishings can really give your coastal rooms a look and feel of a resort town.

When incorporating furnishings from the beach into your California beach house, the key is to keep your theme consistent. Choose cushions and pillows that are reminiscent of the furnishings found at your favorite beach hotel. Add fabrics and colors that will complement the colors and patterns found at your local beach resort.

There are many items that can be incorporated into your coastal house decor that are common among vacation homes. These items include surf boards, anchor balls, plastic straws, bottles of water and sunglasses. You may also choose to incorporate seashells and other items into your furnishings, using them for your surfboard or glass beads to enhance your bottle stopper or table top. Other items you may want to consider using are surfboards, sand dollars and tiki torches.

Your beach house is not complete without a unique shower curtain. Most home owners find this task overwhelming, but if you use your creativity you can easily create a stunning curtain that compliments your California beach home’s decor. The first thing you need to do is locate an attractive shower curtain in a color that will match the decor of your home. Once you have chosen a curtain that compliments the colors of your walls and furniture, take two pieces of fabric that coordinate with the colors of your wall to the store.

Once you have purchased the fabric for the curtain, use the same colors on your bathroom and your coastal house. If possible, use the same prints and textures throughout the room so that your coastal house and your bathroom will be cohesive. Another idea is to use a small piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or end table, that contains a photograph that features a scenic coastline. This will instantly add an element of fun to your California beach house.

To finish off your California beach house, add tropical plants and flowers to the outdoor spaces. Water lilies and palm trees can provide the perfect backdrop for a water feature that will easily be a conversation starter for guests. Remember that the goal of adding a touch of the ocean to your coastal home is to create an inviting, comfortable oasis that you will love to spend every day in. Your home is your dream retreat, so make it as amazing and unique as you can.