Coastal Style Exterior Curtains

Coastal style exteriors are usually designed with a beach house or cottage feel, using sharp angles, rough seaside shingles and white trim on the home. A coastal house design will look best on the ocean or near a body of water, but can also look fantastic on the beach. Coastal homes are normally made up of wood and brick and may feature an on-site pool or fire pit.

Once you have decided to build a coastal style exterior, it is important that you buy your new home building kit in the right place! The first thing to decide is where on the coast your home will be built. Do you live in Santa Monica, Malibu, Long Beach, Encinitas or Pacific Palisades? Each of these areas has its own character and it is important to choose the area wisely. If you do live in a resort community then you’ll want to pick a location that’s close to the beach, so that when the warm waves of summer come, you won’t be cold and crowded.

You’ll also want your coastal exteriors to blend in with the surroundings. The main thing to keep in mind is that most coastal exteriors are white, which makes them unique and different from other houses. Since most homes are designed with a white trim on the brim, you should keep yours as white as possible! White trim on your house will make it stand out and make it more inviting.

If you have a white house, then you should really keep it that way. You can paint it a nice light color such as cream, beige, light blue or grey. Or if you want you can go a different route and use a contrasting color for your white trim. Some bright red and orange looks great!

On the interior of your coastal style house, you should keep things very simple. You may want to add a little bit of color to one wall or add a colorful rug to that wall. But you don’t need a lot of color on that wall! Keep it simple and just keep the look light and breezy. You’ll want your neighbors to compliment you on your “keep it casual” coastal style.

When choosing your curtains, you have a few options. For the interior of your home, choose curtains made of fabrics such as chiffon, cotton or linen. These colors will work well with your coastal style home. If you want, however, you can also choose curtains made of polyester and satin materials. These materials blend in with any color scheme and they are easy to clean. They also dry extremely quickly!

The key to coastal curtains is that they open and close easily. For that reason, it’s wise to get curtains with a zipper along the bottom edge so that it’s easier to take them down and put them back up. This way, you won’t have to spend hours trying to pull your curtains back inside every time you want to get out the curtains for the sun. Zippers also make it much easier to change the look of your curtains since you can simply take them off and replace them with a new one without having to go through the trouble of taking them all the way up and down the house.

Coastal curtains are a great investment! They will help you maintain a healthy home environment, keep your house looking great, and keep you cool by allowing good airflow through your windows. Best of all, they are great on allergies and allergy sufferers since they are airtight. They will keep your living space at a comfortable temperature, so you can enjoy the summer even when it’s a bit uncomfortably warm outside.