Coastal Style Decorating

Coastal style decorating is all about bringing nature inside. This type of decorating emphasizes a clean and laid back feeling with bright and airy colors. It also includes elements from seaside and beach fauna, nature’s creations, wood structures, natural materials and so on. You can bring this look inside your home with coastal bedding, curtains, rugs, lamps and wall hangings. Here are some ideas of how you can decorate with coastal style.

Beach Inspired Colors. In coastal style decorating, the color palette is more on the soft and gentle side. The accent colors are often soft pastels and soft colors like mocha, peach, beige, ivory and coral. These colors add a touch of softness to your living room and bedroom. For your bedroom, you could use light blue bedding or white bedding with accents of tan and sand.

Beach-Inspired Accessories. Like other beach-themed decorating styles, coastal style uses lots of accessories that remind people of the beach. Large seashells on a shelf, a shell jewelry box or even a photo of a beach front along with some seashells in the doorway would make a great addition to your home. Use shells for floor decor or plant them to create a centerpiece in your kitchen.

A Warmth and Cute vibe. Unlike most coastal style decorating styles, the beach house decorating vibe is one where everything is soft and mellow. There is a tendency to use cutesy accessories to give a laid back and relaxing vibe. Cute pillows, plush towels and other beach-inspired accessories may be using as your main focal point to give that feel of warmth.

Warmth and Cute Colors. Beach house decor gives the feeling of light and airy space, as opposed to other coastal style decorating styles where the rooms tend to be dense with heavy colors and furnishings. You can bring this coastal style decorating style into your rooms by incorporating bright and uplifting colors to liven up your spaces. For example, you can use bright yellow linens in a room to create an atmosphere of brightness and airiness.

Open Space and Low Maintenance. Coastal style decorating ideas are all about getting the most out of every square inch of your rooms without having to add too much furniture or complicated features. Coastal homes tend to have open space because it is often built over water which makes it perfect for vistas of the sea or ocean. You can bring this open space to your bedroom by installing an oversized bed or using oversized throw pillows to create an open space feel to your bedroom.

Nautical Accents. If you love the look of nautical touches, then adding some nautical accents to your bedroom can not only bring a sense of nostalgia but can also give your room a fun and exciting new look. You can choose from a wide variety of items such as wallpaper borders, pictures, beads, and other accessories to incorporate into your coastal accents. The key to this type of decorating is to choose items that have a texture or color that has a similar texture or hue to the ocean such as waves, shells, and sea foam. You can even make your own unique nautical wall art by painting a picture or a photograph of a boat on your wall and using a coastal accent wall accent to complete the look.

Coastal Window Treatments. The beauty of coastal style decorating is that you can get away with using a plethora of earth tones, tans, and colors. You can choose window treatments in these hues so that they can both brighten and accent your space. For instance, if you have a black and white bathroom, you can have your window treatments in shades of brown or sand. Similarly, you can have windows in your bathroom decorated in rich earth tones like browns and greens, while using tans and beiges for your living room and bedrooms. You can even choose window treatments in gray, black, and navy so that they can contrast well with the gray and blue sea water that you can find in coastal areas.