Coastal Cottage Paint Colors – Summer Home Decorating Ideas

coastal cottage decorating

Coastal Cottage Paint Colors – Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Coastal cottage decorating provides a warm and relaxing setting for family gatherings, outdoor weddings, barbecues or simply to escape the hectic world. With careful planning and design, you can create a serene, calming environment that reflects your personality and taste. These ideas will get you well on your way.

Think beachy. Whether on vacation or at home, coastal cottage decorating looks beautiful and is easy to incorporate into your existing space. Nautical decor ideas add the natural charm of saltwater and the beauty of driftwood and seashells to your deck or patio. Blue and white color combinations are coastal classics that create a feeling of peace and calm. Tiki lamps and candles in pastel shades also lend a feeling of tiki hospitality. Natural wood accents such as bamboo and coconut are pleasing to the eye and soft against the wood, creating a beach-like atmosphere.

Think lazing around. Coastal style decorating is inviting and offers endless possibilities for creating outdoor living spaces. Cottages in the middle of oceans and lakes, surrounded by sand and surf, create a tranquil oasis of relaxation. The focus turns to relaxation, whether you choose wood accents for the sofa or ocean-crack coffee tables and end tables.

Think organic. When planning your interior design, keep in mind that the goal is to create a cozy retreat with touches of modern farmhouse coastal cottage decorating ideas in the background. Choose soft pastels for the walls and dark blues and greens for the trim. Accents, such as seashells painted on the wall or seashells on the mantel, can be further accented with a variety of soft paints. Accents such as woven baskets will add warmth and create a natural feel.

Use nautical prints. Many coastal homeowners enjoy using coastal motifs in their interior design. Adding nautical decor accents throughout your home will highlight your unique personality and give your coastal cottage a touch of uniqueness. If you’re really adventurous, why not dig out an old sailboat banner from your grandparents and hang it on the wall?

Choose white paint color. It’s easy to get carried away when planning your interior design. You may think that adding a bold red and black scheme will be a great idea. In fact, this pairing is actually a bad idea. A coastal cottage with a red accent would look too busy and loud. Instead, choose light pastels or neutral paint colors, complimenting them with carefully placed accents, such as shells or seahorses on a white or silver background.

Use seashell artwork for accessories. For your coastal cottage decor, you can use seahell art in many different mediums, including painting, pottery, and sculpture. Because the shells are naturally soft, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find shells that have been painted with vibrant colorings; you might find tiny pieces of fossilized coral that were encased in fossilized clay. Benjamin Moore creates some beautiful art pieces made from shells and coral that you might want to incorporate into your coastal cottage living room decor.

Build a carriage house. One of the most charming touches you can add to your coastal cottage is a charming little cottage on a garden designed to look like a miniature town. To achieve this look, use seashells along the walls and on the porches. A variety of shells crafted into a carriage house adds a rustic appeal to your cottage decor. Ben Benjamin makes a great company for this project because he sells a wonderful shell-topped building kit.

Install nautical decor. If you love the look beautiful seashells on your windows and porches, you’ll also love nautical decor in your summer decorating ideas. You can buy shells made into lovely table linens and lamps. In the summer you can take this a step further and install a sailboat on the roof to make your cottage look as though you rowed across the ocean. Purchase a nautical coffee table and find beautiful accent pillows in seashells to round out the look.

Use white decor. Coastal home decor is best enjoyed when it has a calming, natural feel to it. Many coastal homes are decorated with white furnishings and accents, which give off the look of a summer home away from home. Use this white decorating with nautical accents to create a peaceful respite from the chaos of daily life. Add candles, placecards, and other mementos of family and friends and you will create a retreat where you can relax and enjoy nature.

Benjamin Moore Awning Fabric. Benjamin Moore products are well known for their durability and beautiful designs, but you can also purchase fabric for your coastal cottage paint colors. fabrics are often used for accessories, but if you are using paint colors, you can use fabrics to frame pictures or other items and then layer the fabric on top to keep everything perfectly cohered. Using fabric, you can also layer coordinating pillows on top of the fabric to create an elegant, yet casual look.