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Coastal Cottage Interiors
Coastal Cottage Interiors

Coastal cottage interiors are known for their natural beauty and simplicity. The charming backyards and the lovely house interiors add to the charm of a cottage home. There are many great ways to decorate a cottage interior that will reflect a sense of style. Here are some ideas to get you started.

coastal cottage interiors

What better way to honor the owner of the home than to give it a little redecoration. In most cases, cottage interiors are painted in white, cream, or beige. It is easy to apply white interior paint to the walls and counter tops of a cottage. You can also find cream or beige interior paint on the walls as well as in vases, jars, and other accessories.

Paint the bedroom in cream or beige interior paint. You can also use your imagination and paint both the walls and the ceiling. You can include accessories such as pillows, decorative pillows, and pictures. For special occasions, you can have your favorite pictures in a frame and hang them on the walls. Your master bedroom could have a dresser or bed with a pair of matching curtains.

A cottage has a great deal of living space, so you can use the furniture you already have and change it with new accessories and other design elements. If you have the room available, you can use a casement window or two as living spaces. Many times the windows on a cottage are a wonderful addition to a home interior design.

You can add a beautiful focal point to the cottage with a fireplace mantel. You can also use a wooden fireplace mantel for warmth and practicality. Get the right mantel and you have a focal point for the home. Consider buying it as a freestanding fireplace mantel and decorating it with lacy, elegant accessories.

If you don’t have a fireplace but love the look of wood, you can purchase a charm table and charm boxes. There are several online stores that sell these items. You can place your favorite picture on the table, then select two or three different colors of beads, crystals, or other materials to line the top of the table. Then you can create a romantic charm table for your coastal cottage.

Add color to yellow areas with an array of striped and hued cushions. This will add a special touch to your cottage. Also, consider adding a cushion of white foam to the back of the sofa. This gives a little more color to your backside.

A rustic charm piece that will add a touch of romance is a metal birdcage. Hang it from the tree near the front door and look at the birds as they fly by. Be careful not to disturb the living bird, as it is probably a native to your area.

You can add plenty of charm and warmth with cedar accessories. You can buy cedar-tiered candle holders, candle arbors, wicker baskets with cedar planters, and rattan teak chairs. These items are sure to enhance your coastal cottage interior.

Use different textures and accents for your tables and chairs. You may choose dark mahogany for your coffee table or chunky oak for your dining room table. You can even use hardware made of polished stainless steel or black on your countertop or cabinets.

You can use modern furniture and accessories in your cottage interiors. You can add the traditional look of antique dining tables, chairs, and sideboards. You can decorate your modern kitchen with timeless lamps, kitchen cabinets, and cupboards with wooden trim. Or you can add silver touches and traditional patterns to the patio and porch.

You can’t control how your neighbors decorate their homes. So use your creativity to create an interior that reflects your personal style of the neighborhood. With a little thought, you can create a wonderful backyard that invites friends and neighbors over for outdoor barbecues.

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