Beach House Living Will Add a Whole Lot to Your Home Decor

Coastal style house is one of the many styles of design in architecture that features a waterfront setting. Homes built along the coast generally have views of the ocean or a body of water, such as a lake, pond, or river. Often, these coastal homes are closer to the beach and the surrounding greenery, making for an easygoing, tranquil living experience.

Many architects create homes with views of the ocean by using coastal homes with bay windows and coastal house exteriors featuring warm yellow and dark gray shaded panels. The warm yellow is accented by black strips painted on the window casings. Black strips border the warm gray panels. These two colors provide a contrast of blacks and grays, creating a jarring contrast against the light gray panels. The contrast provides a gossamer feeling against the gray backdrop, creating a serene atmosphere.

Coastal house exteriors include warm yellow brick walls, dark gray hip roofs, and white trim on white doors and windows. A cottage-style front view is provided with a white trim around the door and white trim on white doors. This gives the appearance that the house is even further inland. A few coastal homes have a white ranch house front view. The ranch house has dark gray roofing accented by white trim around the windows. Both of these designs give the impression that the front yard is on the shore.

The beach-style home showcases a light, airy feeling. The warm colors used throughout the home help to create this environment. Large windows, large-scale furniture pieces, and lush greenery all contribute to creating a comfortable, light feeling. Large open living rooms, featuring open floor plans and natural lights, help to open up the space.

Large open living spaces, such as a family room or game room, use open floor plans. The flooring can be either a warm or cool color. White flooring is often used for open floor plans to help achieve a coastal feel. Also, light colored walls, similar to those found in coastal homes, provide a welcoming atmosphere. The white exterior walls in a beach-style home are covered with wooden shutters that help to keep the interior light-colored.

The kitchen and bathrooms in a beach-style home are designed to display the rustic nature of the house. They include natural light fixtures, a fireplace, wood floors, and tall glass windows. Natural materials, such as stone, tile, and ceramic tile are used extensively throughout the home to create this coastal look.

A light blue couch, coffee table, and two end tables and accent pieces to the living room area. One wall features a large blue window which showcases the view of the ocean. The other wall features a row of brown stucco windows, adding warm yellow lights to the room. The accent wall is lined with mirrors that frame the blue sea.

The largest room in a coastal style home is the dining area. Frosted glass doors feature gold accents, while the largest feature is a light blue sea-foil. The largest interior room in the beach-style home features two open plan kitchens. Each kitchen has a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave. The kitchens are complemented by a garage door that is covered with black glass.

The formal living room in a beach-style home is simple but spacious. White walls are highlighted by a lush landscape of grapevines and flowers. Black and white tiles are featured on the floor, while light blue ceiling tiles provide the necessary brightness. Large window panels allow natural light to flood the room during the day. A cathedral ceiling adds an old-world feel to the formal living room.

An outdoor kitchen is another feature found in a coastal home. Many homes have an outdoor kitchen that sits on a terrace, which faces the beach. A terrace can be decorated with wooden benches and picnic tables. Bamboo bar stools and wooden swings add seating in the backyard. A backyard barbecue allows family and friends to enjoy the fresh air together.

Coastal home decor comes complete with open windows, lush landscaping, and lots of natural light. When you choose the right color scheme, you will have the perfect beach house for your family. Your guests will also love spending time at your beach house, because it has that welcoming feel that only those who live at sea know.